Camelot Estates

Camelot Estates was the creation of Cascade Development Corporation, with groundbreaking occuring in the late 1960's.  Richard Derringer, President of Cascade, advertised Camelot as a 'Complete development dedicated to the enjoyment of the good life'.

Ads for Camelot Estates placed in St. Louis and Kansas City newspapers depicted Camelot as the 'Las Vegas' of Missouri.  The original all electric homes sold for $27,500.00!

All of the roadways were completed in 1970.  The Yacht Club and the Lodge were completed by 1971.  The swimming pools and the tennis court were completed that same year.  The Yacht Club was advertised as the year round center of activities at Camelot.  It included a billiard room, card room, a teen room, and a dance and social area.
Camelot Estates consists of over 350 developed lots, and many undeveloped lots.
Camelot offers a Lodge, a Yacht Club, two pools, tennis court (with basketball hoops), all available for use by members in good standing.
Additionally, the Lodge and the Yacht Club are available for rent for private parties by same members in good standing.
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